Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on Friday called for a leap in exports to neighboring countries, official news agency IRNA reported. “Our share of exports to the regional countries cannot be (only) 2 percent, and they should increase from 20 billion U.S. dollars to 40-50 billion U.S. dollars,” Raisi made the remarks in the western province of Ilam.
Pointing to the long border line of the province with the neighboring Iraq, he said that it is a good opportunity for the people of Iran, especially the people of Ilam, and Iraq to communicate. He called for the formation of a legal and economic working group between Iran and Iraq, particularly between Ilam and neighboring provinces in Iraq. The infrastructures of Ilam province, including railway corridor and freeway as a means of communication with Iraq, should be prepared and it is necessary for the province to turn into a main exporter of Iran-made products, he noted.


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