Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said Saturday night that “Israel has extended its hand back in peace” in response to a Friday meeting of more than 300 prominent Iraqis calling on his country to normalize relations with the Jewish state. “Hundreds of Iraqi public figures, Sunni and Shia, gathered yesterday to call for peace with Israel,” Bennett said in a tweet.
“This is a call that comes from below and not from above, from the people and not the government, and the recognition of the historical injustice done to Iraq’s Jews is particularly important.” “The State of Israel extends its hand in peace,” the prime minister said. Iraq has officially been at war with Israel since the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948. Iraqi troops have fought three consecutive Arab wars against Israel. Saddam Hussein’s secret nuclear weapons program worried Israel, which eventually destroyed the Osirak reactor in Iraq in 1981, and in 1991, the Iraqi dictator fired dozens in Tel Aviv and Haifa in an effort to draw Israel into the Gulf War. Scud missiles fired.
Feather Friday’s conference In the Kurdistan region, Iraqi participants called on their country’s leaders to end the state of war and join the so-called Abrahamic Agreement.

Source : Bharat Times English News

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  1. sadegh
    sadegh says:

    It is not a New plan. Ben Gurion 1963: “We extend the hand of peace and good-neighbourliness to all the States around us and to their peoples, and we call upon them to cooperate in mutual helpfulness with the independent Jewish nation in its Land. The State of Israel is prepared to make its contribution in a concerted effort for the advancement of the entire Middle East.”


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