Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or Daesh in a statement said that Shi’ite Muslims are perilous and they will be targeted by them everywhere. The group’s Al-Naba weekly has published the warning and furthers reads that the Shi’ite will be targeted in their homes and centers. The alert comes a day after the militant group targeted a mosque of the Muslims and killed over 60 worshipers while wounding more than 80 more in Kandahar province.
The writing has especially threatened Shi’ite Muslims living in Afghanistan and added that they cooperate and support Iran and other countries against the ISIS-K. Thy group has said that Shi’ite Muslims will be target everywhere from Baghdad to Khorasan. ISIS Khorasan branch is now the biggest threat that threatens the Taliban government after they took over Afghanistan.
In the meantime, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has purportedly said that their fighters will be deployed to man the security of mosques, especially of the Shi’ite Muslims’ ones. Russian President Vladimir Putin had warned of entering ISIS fighters to Afghanistan from Iraq and Syrian and added that there are presently up to 2,000 Daesh affiliates in the north of Afghanistan.

Source: Khama Press

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