US Complicit In Saudi Crimes

A senior member of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council says the United States spearheads the devastating Saudi-led military aggression and brutal siege against his country, stating that Washington is complicit in the crimes that the Riyadh regime is committing against the Yemeni nation.
“America spearheads the Saudi-led aggression against our homeland. It enormously contributes to the military onslaught and blockade on our country. It is the party responsible for terrible problems, massacre of ordinary people and large-scale destruction in Yemen,” Mohammed Ali al-Houthi said at a ceremony in the capital Sana’a on Monday afternoon.
“The United States is the enemy of the Yemeni people and will always remain our foe. There would be no aggression against our country if the onslaught did not serve US interests. It was Washington which withdrew its ambassador at the outset of Yemen conflict and called on other countries to pull their diplomats out of Sana’a,” Houthi highlighted.

Source : PRESS TV

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