Taliban seize power in Afghanistan

Taliban’s secret operatives, embedded in governmental organizations, played a key role in helping the group lay siege to Kabul after the hasty US withdrawal from the war-torn country in August, reveals a report.

According to a report published in Wall Street Journal, undercover Taliban agents – clean-shaven, wearing jeans and sporting sunglasses – spent years infiltrating Afghan government ministries, universities, businesses and aid organizations.

They waited for the opportunity to help the group make a comeback after 20 years of armed struggle and topple the US-backed government in Kabul.

The report interviews a former Taliban militant commander who now heads the Kabul airport security command center, Mohammad Salim Saad, on how these undercover agents managed to pull off a blood-less coup, overthrowing both the government headed by Ashraf Ghani and his western backers.

“We had agents in every organization and department. The units we had already present in Kabul took control of the strategic locations,” he is quoted as saying in the report, sitting before a bank of closed-circuit TV monitors at the Kabul Airport.

“We had people even in the office that I am occupying today,” he says, referring to the Kabul airport security command center, which he oversees now.

Source : PRESS TV

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