In a symbolic step to express solidarity with the Palestinian people, hundreds of Argentinians lined up at the Palestine embassy in Buenos Aires to submit applications for Palestinian citizenship. This initiative came from the Argentine Committee for Solidarity with the Palestinian People, in cooperation with the Argentine League for Human Rights, and in coordination with the Palestine Embassy, under the title: “I want to be Palestinian”.
Among those who came to the embassy were many leaders and activists of human rights organizations, trade unions, and civil society institutions, in addition to a number of parliament members, union leaders, prominent political, social and media figures, and representatives of political parties. In a speech by the Argentine Solidarity Committee, Tilda Rabie expressed her solidarity with the legitimate and inalienable rights of the Palestinian people and indicated that the presence of solidarity activists from different cities confirms that the Palestinian people, who have been suffering for more than 70 years of Israeli occupation, are not alone in their struggle against injustice and tyranny.
The head of the Argentine Public Employment Union, Daniel Catalano, called for helping the Palestinian people achieve their rights, especially self-determination, sovereignty and independence. Speaking to the activists, Palestine’s Ambassador, Hosni Abdel Wahed, valued this solidarity campaign, stressing that such campaigns give the Palestinian people an additional boost of hope and a greater commitment to continuing the struggle against the Israeli occupation and against injustice and tyranny in the world.

Source : WAFA News Agency

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