“That’s Enough” Anti-war Coalition Is the Unheard Voice of Middle East Nations, Saying No to War and Intervention of Western Powers in Middle East

In the last twenty years, no other part of the world has been as the scene of war and conflict as the Middle East. There were wars that have taken place in the Middle East or started with a direct invasion of Western countries (such as wars in Afghanistan and Iraq), or with the intervention of Western countries, the fire of war has been kindled in them. But for the people of the Middle East, war is war, and its legacies are death and the destruction of property and countries and It does not matter who started it or for what reason. We see Western coalition against terrorism in the Middle East as a fraudulent attempt to intervene in the region, and believe that the presence and intervention lead to spread and prolong the war.
To prove that, it is enough to review the 20-year period of foreign presence in Afghanistan. The US presence for 20 years to fight the groups it once created has only led to death and the destruction of Afghans and Afghan properties. In addition, today the Taliban and al-Qaeda are even stronger than they were 20 years ago. Besides, the situation is the same for Iraq, Syria and Libya. Only Arm Sale companies in the United States and Europe made huge profits.
That’s Enough (Anti-war Coalition) does not call anyone to violence, but it calls everyone to awareness, and believes that the war in the Middle East will not end unless we know that the Middle East became the scene of war when the great powers wanted to take disadvantage of the rich resources of this region. That’s Enough seeks to show how the interventions of the great powers make the Middle East from a safe place for living to a place for consuming the products of large arms factories, whose souvenirs are death and homelessness for the people of this region. According to the researches, none of the terrorist groups in the region have been formed without the help of these great powers.
In addition, in the new era, oppressive sanctions against countries is another war, which Western powers impose on the people of the region along with military wars. We also consider this, a new style of terrorism, imposed on Yemeni people along with the silence of all international institutions and human rights. We hope to be a platform through which the people of the Middle East can convey their message to the world.
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