US-Taliban Talks in Doha
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Pakistan ‘Welcomes’ Second Round of US-Taliban Talks in Doha

Pakistan has “welcomed” a second round of talks between the United States and the Taliban since the latter’s takeover of Afghanistan earlier this year, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) spokesperson says. Addressing a weekly press…
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Over half million people internally displaced in Afghanistan due to conflicts in 2021: UN report

More than half a million people in Afghanistan have been internally displaced as a result of conflicts and insecurity in the country this year, according to a new report issued by the UN migration agency IOM. The International Organization…
Abuse and Torture in Iraq, Afghanistan
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Maj. Ian Fishback, Who Wrote To McCain about Detainee Abuse and Torture in Iraq, Afghanistan, Dies At 42

Ian Fishback, an Army whistle-blower whose allegations that fellow members of the 82nd Airborne Division in Iraq routinely beat and abused prisoners prompted the Senate to approve anti-torture legislation in 2005, died on Nov. 19 in Bangor,…
Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan
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Envoy: US Concerned About Worsening Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan

A senior State Department official said the United States is “extremely concerned about the worsening humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan,” adding the country was suffering such a crisis before the military takeover by the Taliban in August.…
US Prepared To Work with Taliban
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US Prepared To Work with Taliban against ISIS-K In Afghanistan

State Department Spokesperson Ned Price told journalists on Tuesday that the Biden administration was prepared to work with the Taliban to counter ISIS-K. Price’s statement follows three months after the US and other NATO countries completed…
committed in Afghanistan

Australia must make amends for the crimes committed in Afghanistan

By : Fiona Nelson , Sydney Morning HeraldIt is just on 12 months since the Chief of the Australian Defence Force announced the findings of the four-year Afghanistan Inquiry.The tone of that day was serious, solemn, repentant. In front of a…
Iran Gets Sanctions
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Iran Gets Sanctions Instead of Financial Support for Hosting Afghan Refugees: EU Lawmaker

A European lawmaker, in a rebuke to the European Union, said Iran gets sanctions instead of financial support for hosting millions of Afghan refugees amid a new influx of civilians pouring into Afghanistan’s neighboring countries. “Iran…
US Envoy on Afghanistan
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U.S. Envoy on Afghanistan to Return to Doha to Meet Taliban -State Department

The U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan will visit Doha next week for two weeks of meetings with leaders of the Taliban, State Department spokesperson Ned Price said on Tuesday. "They’ll discuss … our vital national interests when…
Russia Concerned About Power Vacuum
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Russia Concerned About Power Vacuum Created By Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan: Expert

Following the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, a power vacuum has emerged in the wider region, along with security concerns for powers such as Russia, which fears the rise in smuggling of narcotics and arms will result in greater instability…
War against Islamic State

Taliban Sends Hundreds of Fighters to Eastern Afghanistan to Wage War against Islamic State

The Taliban has expanded its shadowy war against the Islamic State branch in Afghanistan, deploying hundreds more fighters to this eastern province in an increasingly violent fight and critical test of the group’s counterterrorism abilities…