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British political elites made a killing off the destruction of Afghanistan

by : Lowkey , THE NEW ARAB As Afghanistan's proud people now struggle to emerge from the crater that NATO allies bombed them into, glazed and jaded eyes in Britain gaze past them. The invasion and occupation of Afghanistan by the United…
Afghanistan war

Exclusive: Defence review questions Afghanistan war deaths

The Australian Defence Force has acknowledged that its own historical failure to adequately train people in designing and executing military operations may have seen some Australian soldiers die in vain in Afghanistan. A carefully worded…
Afghanistan war crimes

ADF documents show senior officers yet to face consequences for alleged Afghanistan war crimes

The Chief of the Defence Force has paused any internal disciplinary measures for senior army officers who failed to prevent alleged war crimes in Afghanistan, as the ADF waits for an official external investigation to be completed — something…
Women’s Delegation Urges
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Back from Kabul, Women’s Delegation Urges U.S. & Europe to Unfreeze Afghan Funds Amid Humanitarian Crisis

Women in Afghanistan are protesting a number of gender-based restrictions from the Taliban, including an order in March to shut down public high schools for girls. In response, U.S. officials canceled talks with Taliban leaders in Doha, continuing…
using biometric data collected by US
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Report documents claims that Taliban are using biometric data collected by US, partners  

The Taliban may be using databases of biometric information left in Afghanistan by the U.S. military and international organizations to target soldiers and dissidents, according to a report issued Wednesday by a human rights advocacy group.  Human…
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Weapons Left by US Troops in Afghanistan Found On Terrorists Killed At Loc: Maj Gen Chandpuria

American weapons and surveillance devices used in Afghanistan have been recovered from terrorists neutralised during infiltration attempts on the Line of Control. This was revealed by Major General Ajay Chandpuria, GOC Dagger Division, in an…
potentially significant security concerns
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Pentagon IG report says 50 Afghan evacuees brought to US had ‘potentially significant security concerns’

A Pentagon inspector general report released this week found that officials identified at least 50 Afghan evacuees who were brought to the United States in the wake of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan whose information indicated "potentially…
Afghanistan’s Taliban detain Brits
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Afghanistan’s Taliban detain Brits, American; reason unclear

Afghanistan’s Taliban rulers have detained several British citizens and an American, including a former freelance television journalist who has been coming to Afghanistan for more than 40 years, both governments and a family member say. A…
High Peace Council Head

Ex-Afghanistan Meets Women Activists To Discuss Social Rights

Following the Taliban takeover, the international community and United Nations agencies have expressed concern over the situation of women in Afghanistan. After taking control in Afghanistan, the Taliban has been introducing rules that curtail…
Afghanistan’s Money
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The United States Is Stealing Afghanistan’s Money

By : Daniel W. Drezner , The Washington PostOver the past quarter-century, the United States has taken steps to exploit its centrality in global capital markets to advance its foreign policy interests. In the late 1990s, there were efforts…