Americans cannot fly
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About 80 Americans cannot fly from Afghanistan

About 80 US citizens are unable to leave Afghanistan due to the lack of evacuation flights from the country, CNN reported, citing sources. According to him, several dozen Americans have expressed a desire to leave the country, but the Taliban…
US diplomacy

Economic Sanctions have Become the Rule in U.S. Diplomacy

By : Tom Campbell , Los Angeles Daily NewsEconomic sanctions have become the rule rather than the exception in U.S. diplomacy.Earlier this year, the Congressional Research Service listed the following countries as under some form of U.S. economic…
US forces
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Actions of Condemnation to US Forces in Syria Continue

The residents of Damkhieh and Abu Zel in the north of the northeastern province of Hasakeh gathered near the Syrian army checkpoint at the entrances of the two localities where they prevented, togetehr with the Syrian soldiers, the passing…
US and Iran
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Two Former CIA Directors Call On Biden to Threaten Iran Militarily

Former U.S. national security officials, lawmakers, and diplomats has launched a public campaign to pressure the Biden administration into militarily threatening Iran. The statement, headlined by former CIA chiefs Leon Panetta and retired Gen.…
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Senate Approves $768 Billion Defense Bill Directing Review of War in Afghanistan, Military Justice Reforms

The Senate on Wednesday approved a record-setting $768 billion defense authorization bill, readying it for President Biden’s expected signature. The bill contains several historic measures, including provisions to move prosecutions of sexual…

Netanyahu: ‘A Grave Mistake’ If Israel Updated US before Striking Iranian Sites

Opposition Leader Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday hit out at the government after a report said Israel consulted with the United States before carrying out attacks earlier this year on an Iranian nuclear facility and a missile base. “I saw…
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Taliban Seek Ties With U.S. And Other Ex-Foes, Afghan Foreign Minister Says

Afghanistan's new Taliban rulers are committed in principle to education and jobs for girls and women, a marked departure from their previous time in power, and seek the world's "mercy and compassion" to help millions of Afghans in desperate…
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Afghanistan: a catastrophe of the West’s making

By : TIM BLACK COLUMNIST , spikedIt is now just over 100 days since the US-led occupation of Afghanistan ended. Just over 100 days, that is, since the Taliban resumed control after a 20-year-long war of attrition. And now the consequences…
Iraq confirms commitment

Iraq confirms commitment to withdrawing foreign forces

The Iraqi government confirmed on Wednesday its commitment to implement the decision of the Iraqi parliament to withdraw foreign combat forces from Iraq. A statement by the media office of Iraqi National Security Adviser Qasim al-Araji said…
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America Repeated Vietnam’s Mistakes in Afghanistan

By : Arnold L. Punaro , WSJ Defense Department leaders have assured Congress and the American people that the military would study the war in Afghanistan to learn lessons from America’s 20-year involvement and painful exit. This will…