Russian Armed Forces
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Russian Armed Forces guarantee peace in Syria, Karabakh, Defense Minister says

Russian troops stationed in Syria and in Nagorno-Karabakh are a guarantee of preserving peace in these regions, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said on Wednesday. "For over a year, Russian peacekeepers have been ensuring the conditions…
Iran rejects UK
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Iran rejects UK, GCC statement on nuclear talks

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman has condemned the latest statement from the meeting between the UK and members of the Gulf Cooperation Council.  Saeed Khatibzadeh said, “Iran has always played a responsible role in reinforcing peace…
US imperialism
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Civilian Casualty Files documents the barbarism of US imperialism in Iraq and Syria

On Sunday, the New York Times published a major investigative account, the Civilian Casualty Files, accompanied by hundreds of confidential Pentagon documents, revealing that US airstrikes in Iraq and Syria have killed thousands of civilians,…
discuss Afghanistan
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Blinken, Qatari FM discuss Afghanistan

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday (local time) spoke with Qatari Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani and reviewed the latest developments regarding Afghanistan."The Secretary congratulated the Qatari…
Assanges Stroke
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They’re Killing Him: Assange’s Stroke Reveals The Western Version Of The Saudi Bone Saw

By: Caitlin Johnstone Julian Assange suffered a mini-stroke in October during the hearing for the US appeal of a UK court's ruling on his extradition case. "The WikiLeaks publisher, 50, who is being held on remand in the maximum-security…
Iran And Saudi Arabia
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Iran Says Further Talks with Saudi Arabia Depend On Riyadh’s “Seriousness”

Iran said on Monday that further talks with Saudi Arabia aimed at reducing tension between the Gulf's rival Sunni and Shi'ite Muslim powers depend on Riyadh's "seriousness". Saudi Arabia and Iran launched direct talks this year at a time when…
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Casualties in Afghanistan, Iraq Much Higher Than US Admitted: NYT

Data collected after years of litigation and months of investigation persuaded The New York Times to conclude that civilian casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan were much higher than the United States ever acknowledged. Summing up its efforts…
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US Combat Forces Completely Withdraw from Iraq’s Ain Al-Assad Base, Only Advisors Remain: Iraqi Official

The spokesman for the Iraqi Joint Operations Command says American combat forces have completely pulled out of the Ain al-Assad air base and only the US advisory forces have remained there. In an interview with Sputnik Arabic on Monday, Major…
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More Than 40 House Democrats Urge Treasury Department to Unfreeze Afghanistan’s Bank Reserves

More than 40 House Democrats on Monday called for Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to unfreeze Afghanistan’s central bank reserves, which the administration seized after the Taliban took control of the country this summer. In a letter to both…
US Military

Video : The US did not Gas the Jews like Nazis United States war crimes are the violations of the laws and customs of war which the United States Armed Forces has committed against signatories after the signing of the Hague Conventions of…