Afghanistan Crisis
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Russia Criticizes US for Afghanistan Crisis

Russia has criticized the United States for the current crisis that is gripping Afghanistan, and said Washington placed the country in a big humanitarian catastrophe. "US placed Afghanistan in a big humanitarian catastrophe and it is still…
Russia Concerned About Power Vacuum
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Russia Concerned About Power Vacuum Created By Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan: Expert

Following the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, a power vacuum has emerged in the wider region, along with security concerns for powers such as Russia, which fears the rise in smuggling of narcotics and arms will result in greater instability…
Afghanistan And USA
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Outside Looking in: After Afghanistan, U.S. Scrambles for Bases in Central Asia

By Ben Wolfgang , The Washington Times President Biden is racing to find partners in Central Asia willing to host U.S. troops, equipment and intelligence assets that the Pentagon says are vital to keep al Qaeda, ISIS and other extremist…
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How Bidenism Poses a Threat to Iraq and Beyond

by : Raghida Dergham , The National News In his speech earlier in the week, US President Joe Biden essentially declared that under his watch America will only be reactive to provocations and won’t take the initiative to lead. Mr Biden’s…