Imperialism in the Modern World: Sources and Interpretations

Imperialism in the Modern World: Sources and Interpretations

by : William Bowman , Amazon Link Imperialism in the Modern World combines narrative, primary and secondary sources, and visual documents to examine global relations in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The three co-editors,…
control of Afghanistan embassy
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US takes control of Afghanistan embassy, consulates

The United States has taken control of Afghanistan’s embassy in Washington and the country’s consulates in New York and Beverly Hills, California, the State Department said Tuesday. The State Department said it had assumed “sole responsibility”…
Iran And Saudi Arabia
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Iran Says Further Talks with Saudi Arabia Depend On Riyadh’s “Seriousness”

Iran said on Monday that further talks with Saudi Arabia aimed at reducing tension between the Gulf's rival Sunni and Shi'ite Muslim powers depend on Riyadh's "seriousness". Saudi Arabia and Iran launched direct talks this year at a time when…
Islamic State Down
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Islamic State Down but Not Out in Syria and Iraq: Pentagon Report

The most recent report from the Pentagon’s Inspector General on Operation Inherent Resolve, the US-led diplomatic and military operation against the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria, indicates that IS has weakened but remains a priority…

Lebanon Invites Saudis for Talks As Diplomatic Row Deepens

Lebanon on Monday called for talks with Saudi Arabia to ease a spiralling diplomatic row sparked by remarks made by a Lebanese minister on the Yemen war. "Lebanon invites Saudi Arabia to engage in dialogue to solve all outstanding problems…

Failure to Recognize Afghanistan Government Could Have Global Effects, Warn Taliban

The Taliban called on the US and other countries on Saturday to recognize their government in Afghanistan, saying that a failure to do so and the continued freezing of Afghan funds abroad would lead to problems not only for the country but…