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FM Urges Close Cooperation among Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan

Foreign Minister of Iran Hossein Amirabdollahian called for the promotion of cooperation among the Islamic Republic, Iraq, Syria and Jordan, saying such interaction would contribute to economic prosperity and establishment of stability in the…
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China and Arab League Pledge Mutual Support, Rejecting ‘Interference’

China opposes external interference in Arab countries and fully supports the sovereignty of countries facing serious conflict in the region, the Chinese foreign ministry said in a joint statement with the Arab League. The statement was released…
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The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Message to 2021 Hajj: The Islamic Nation Must Resist Against the Interference and Evil of Western Powers

In his message to 2021 Hajj, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution emphasized that over the last 150 years Muslim nations have mostly been subject to the aggressive western countries’ greed, interference and malevolence. Imam Khamenei also…
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North Korea Says Cuba Can ‘Smash’ U.S. Interference, Joining Russia, China, Iran

North Korea has declared its support for Cuba, joining the likes of Russia, China and Iran as the United States backed mass demonstrations accusing the island nation's ruling Communists of shortcomings in addressing humanitarian needs exacerbated…
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Iran Denounces US ‘Interference’ as Cuba Rocked by Rare Protests

US foe Iran has accused the United States of “interference” in Cuba’s internal affairs after unprecedented protests hit the communist-ruled island which has been under US sanctions for decades. The protests erupted spontaneously in several…