Killing Civilians Is a Crime
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From Mosul and Raqqa to Mariupol and Bucha, Killing Civilians Is a Crime

by : Fair Observer , Medea Benjamin with Nicolas J.S. Davies Americans have been shocked by the death and destruction of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, filling our screens with bombed buildings and dead bodies lying in the street. But…
War Powers
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Congressional Passage of War Powers Act Can End U.S. Complicity in Saudi-led Yemen War That’s Killed Nearly 400,000

As U.S. and world media provide saturation coverage of Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, another vicious war in Yemen is being prosecuted by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates with weapons supplied by the U.S. Although there’s…
Putin’s Criminal Invasion

Putin’s Criminal Invasion of Ukraine Highlights Some Ugly Truths About U.S. and NATO

by : Jeremy Scahill , The Intercept There are no excuses or justifications for what Vladimir Putin is doing in Ukraine. His brutal invasion is a bald-faced act of aggression, replete with war crimes, and is rightly being condemned as…
New Iran Deal
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US Won’t Give Russia Sanctions Exemption as Part of New Iran Deal, Official Says

The United States will not accept new Russian demands for an exemption to Western sanctions as part of a nuclear deal with Iran, a senior State Department official told The Wall Street Journal. Washington and its allies imposed far-reaching…
Russia and Ukraine

How George W. Bush Laid the Groundwork for Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine

by : Juan Cole , Common DreamsFebruary 26, 2022 by Bush's willful act of aggression, his invasion, and eight-and-a-half-year military occupation of Iraq, has deeply hindered effective policy-making by the U.S. regarding Russia's attack…
US Soldier in Afghanistan Is Among First into Poland
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Ukraine Crisis: Last US Soldier in Afghanistan Is Among First into Poland

The last American soldier to leave Afghanistan in August is the commander of the US division deployed to Poland, to reassure the NATO ally amid Russia’s threats to neighbouring Ukraine. Major General Christopher Donahue, who on August 30…