Saudi Arabia and the UAE
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Are Saudi Arabia and the UAE No Longer U.S. Partners?

Source : THE NATIONAL INTEREST , Greg Priddy Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) decision at the March 31 OPEC+ meeting to refuse to use their substantial spare production capacity to offset widely anticipated losses in export…

Al-Kazemi: Iraq Always Stands by Lebanon in its Crisis

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi affirmed on Thursday his country's "permanent support for Lebanon in its crisis.""Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, in a phone call, offered his congratulations to Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati,…
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Video: Bush called the Invasion of Iraq as Brutal and Wholly Unjustified Maybe The Truest Fact: Bush Refers To Wholly Unjustified And Brutal ‘Iraq War‘ In Speech Slip-Up Instead of Russia’s Ukraine Invasion
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Iraq’s President Stresses on Developing US-Iraq Bilateral Ties

The Iraqi President, Barham Salih, stressed on developing the bilateral relations between the United States and Iraq, on Wednesday, during his meeting with the United States Ambassador to Iraq Matthew Tueller in Al-Salam Palace in Baghdad.…
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Maybe The Truest Fact: Bush Refers To Wholly Unjustified And Brutal ‘Iraq War‘ In Speech Slip-Up Instead of Russia’s Ukraine Invasion

Former President George W. Bush mistakenly conflated the Iraq invasion his administration oversaw with Russia’s unprovoked war in Ukraine in a Wednesday speech from Dallas. Bush, 75, immediately corrected himself after calling the Iraq occupation…
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Iraqi Defense Minister, NATO’s New Commander Discuss Training Support

Iraqi Minister of Defense, Juma Inad, discussed on Monday ways to provide support in the field of training with Commander of NATO mission in Iraq, Major General Giovanni Iannucci, during their meeting in the ministry’s headquarters in Baghdad.…
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Biden Extends State of Emergency in Syria, Iraq, Yemen

US President Joe Biden has extended the state of emergency in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, pointing out that the turbulent internal conditions in these countries continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to US national security. Biden…

Iraq bill banning normalisation with Israel gets first reading in parliament

Iraqi Council of Representatives on Wednesday held the first reading of a draft law banning the normalisation of ties with Israel.The bill, which threatens the death penalty or life imprisonment for calling for normalisation, aims to stamp…
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US Troops Fire on Residential Areas in Northern Iraq

Arab media reported on Monday night that heavy gunfire was heard at al-Harir Airport in Erbil province in northern Iraq. The American forces stationed at al-Harir Airport fired on several civilian houses during military training, the Sabereen…
Iran’s foreign minister

Iran’s foreign minister says Tehran ‘against’ Ukraine war

Tehran is “against” the war in Ukraine and hopes for a political solution to the conflict, Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian says, during a visit by his Polish counterpart. “We are against the war in Ukraine, just…