King Mohammed

King Mohammed VI Reaffirms Morocco’s Unchanged Position on Palestine

Rabat - King Mohammed VI has renewed Morocco’s “unchanging commitment” to its continued support for the Palestinian cause. Rabat - King Mohammed VI has renewed Morocco’s “unchanging commitment” to its continued support for the…
Israeli Military Quits

Google Worker Who Protested $1bn Contract with Israeli Military Quits After ‘Retaliation’

A Google employee who has been one of the most vocal critics of the company's billion-dollar contract with the Israeli military said on Tuesday that she would resign, saying that the tech giant tried to retaliate against her for her activism.…
Occupied Palestine

Journalism and Death in Occupied Palestine: Perhaps the Most Dangerous Job in the World

The Palestinian Ministry of Information has monitored 60 violations committed by Israeli authorities against journalists in Palestine and their media institutions during February. Israeli army has targeted 41 journalists, including five female…
Palestinian funeral

Jordan condemns Israeli forces’ attack on Palestinian funeral

The Foreign Ministry on Tuesday condemned the Israeli forces’ attacks on participants at the funeral of the Jerusalemite man Walid Al Sharif in occupied Jerusalem.  Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Haitham Abul Foul said that the attacks…
Pro-Palestine Demonstrators

Hundreds of Pro-Palestine Demonstrators March in Chicago’s Loop

Hundreds of pro-Palestine demonstrators marched up Michigan Avenue and through the Loop during Monday's evening rush, to send a message. "The last two weeks, the Israelis have raided one of the holiest sites for Muslims," said Muhammad Sankari,…
Tension with Israelis

Palestine Seeks Int’l Intervention to Stop Tension with Israelis

Palestine on Sunday called on the intervention from the international community to stop the recent tension between Israelis and Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Palestine called on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to…
first Resolution in favour of Palestine

Human Rights Council adopts first Resolution in favour of Palestine

The United Nations Human Rights Council unanimously voted on Thursday in favour of a Resolution on ensuring accountability and achieving justice in Palestine. 37 countries voted in favour of the resolution and 7 abstained, while 3 countries…
Khashoggi launches Israel Palestine Program
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Pro-democracy group founded by Khashoggi launches Israel Palestine Program

Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN), a campaign group co-founded by Jamal Khashoggi, has launched an Israel and Palestine Program, with the aim of exposing human rights abuses committed by the occupation state and to challenge US support…
Displaced by Israel

Displaced by Israel

From 1948 More than 172900 Palestinian homes have been destroyed for the creation of the state of IsraelMore than 1324000 Palestinians were displacedMore than 5 million Zionist migrants were brought in to historic Palestine
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Biden’s Middle East peace plan

The Democratic platform and its presidential nominee, Joe Biden, have announced their objection to Israel’s annexation plan as being a “deterrent to the peace process.”