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Top US Spy says Somalia, Yemen, Syria and Iraq Represent Greater Terrorist Threat than Afghanistan

Afghanistan is no longer the US' top concern among international terrorist threats to the American homeland, the nation's top spy said at an intelligence and national security conference in Washington on Monday, even amid ongoing fears from…

Syria Ready to Transit Gas and Electricity to Crisis-hit Lebanon

Syria has agreed to help crisis-hit Lebanon by letting gas and electricity transit through its territory, an official said on Saturday during the first high-level visit from Beirut to Damascus since Syria’s civil war erupted. Harsh fuel shortages…
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Iran Condemns Irresponsibility toward Syria

Zahra Ershadi, Iran’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, on Tuesday condemned indifference of the UN member states toward recent aggressions against Syria. In her speech, she called on all member states to “honor their…

Syria Calls for Lifting Western Sanctions

Syrian Parliament Speaker Hammouda Sabbagh has slammed the Western sanctions imposed on the country as a violation of international Law, calling for the lifting of such measures completely. On Tuesday, Sabbagh, during his meeting with a visiting…
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Yemen, Hamas Pledge Support For Syria Against Foreign Aggression

Yemen’s defense minister has pledged support for the Syrian government in the face of “blatant foreign interference”, praising Damascus for standing up to the aggressive and hegemonic countries.Major General Mohammed Nasser al-Atefi made…
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Video: Food Shortages in Syria Due to US Brutal Sanctions US brutal Sanctions affect Syria severely and the sudden upsurge of inflation, food shortages and long queues for daily food harden life.
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US Forces Smuggle Dozens of Oil Tankers out of Syria

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported yesterday, Thursday, that 55 vehicles, including oil tankers and US military escort convoy, made their way out of Syria headed towards Iraq via the Al-Waleed border crossing. According to local sources…
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US Forces to Stay in Iraq and Syria

by : Elijah J. Magnier , Al Mayadeen US President Joe Biden has said his forces will stay in Iraq under a different title and will no longer be identified as “combat forces” by the end of 2021, rather as “trainers and advisors”.…
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How Iran and Saudi Arabia Can Together Bring Peace to the Middle East

by : Vali Nasr and Maria Fantappie , FOREIGN AFFAIRS The shift in Washington is undeniable: the Middle East is no longer a top priority for the United States. The U.S. withdrawal from the broader region is evident in the departure of troops…
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Israel in Contact with Most Arab Countries, Including Iraq — Senior Diplomat

The Foreign Ministry maintains some form of contact with almost all Arab countries, including ones officially designated as “enemy states” like Iraq, a senior Foreign Ministry official said. “Over the last twenty years, the Foreign Ministry…