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Nation-building in Afghanistan, Iraq was never going to work

By : Daniel Pipes , Washington Times As usual, after World War I, victors plundered losers, especially the German one. The victors demanded the payment of huge reparations; under one plan, German charges would have continued until 1988.…
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New UN Envoy: Yemen Is Stuck in `Indefinite State of War’

The new U.N. special envoy for Yemen said Friday that the Arab world's poorest nation is “stuck in an indefinite state of war” and resuming negotiations to end the more than six-year conflict won't be easy. Hans Grundberg, a Swedish diplomat…
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Taliban Must Allow Departures from Afghanistan, Blinken Says

The new Taliban-led Afghan government must live up to its commitments to allow safe passage for those looking to leave Afghanistan, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said. Speaking from Germany on Wednesday during a virtual meeting of…
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Lindsey Graham Says United States ‘Will Be Going Back’ Into Afghanistan

Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) says he believes the United States “will be going back into Afghanistan” despite the recently declared end of nearly two decades of American military presence in the country. Graham, in an interview Monday…
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How Iran and Saudi Arabia Can Together Bring Peace to the Middle East

by : Vali Nasr and Maria Fantappie , FOREIGN AFFAIRS The shift in Washington is undeniable: the Middle East is no longer a top priority for the United States. The U.S. withdrawal from the broader region is evident in the departure of troops…
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The Footsteps of ISIS in Afghanistan

by : Mohammad Hossein Jafarian The viewpoints of Moscow, Tehran and even Delhi and Beijing against the Taliban have surprised many these days. Strangely enough, the United States and Pakistan have the same idea, as well. This is the…
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Resistance Movement Rejects Any Foreign Military Presence on Iraqi Soil

In an Interview with al-Alam, Nasr al-Shammari criticized the bypassing of the parliament and the legitimacy of the occupiers by the transitional administration. “Some politicians, including the president and the minister of foreign affairs,…

In Step to Shut Guantanamo, Biden Transfers Moroccan Home

The Biden administration took a step toward its goal of shutting down the Guantánamo Bay detention center for terror suspects Monday, releasing into the custody of his home country a Moroccan who'd been held without charge almost since the…
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Iran Says U.S. Forces’ Exit from Afghanistan “Great Victory” for Muslim Nations

The exit of U.S. forces from Afghanistan is a "great victory" for Muslim nations, Deputy Secretary-General of the Iran-located World Assembly of Islamic Awakening Hossein Akbari said Sunday. "Afghanistan has now entered a new stage. In fact,…
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VIDEO: US Lied to Its Soldiers