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Australia must make amends for the crimes committed in Afghanistan

By : Fiona Nelson , Sydney Morning HeraldIt is just on 12 months since the Chief of the Australian Defence Force announced the findings of the four-year Afghanistan Inquiry.The tone of that day was serious, solemn, repentant. In front of a…
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Yemen blasts UN Security Council’s pro-Saudi statement

The Yemeni Foreign Ministry has denounced the UN Security Council’s pro-Riyadh statement for ignoring the Saudi war crimes against the Yemeni people. In a statement, the National Salvation Government’s Foreign Ministry said the Security…
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British lawyers call on Metropolitan Police to investigate senior Saudi and UAE officials for Yemen war crimes

London-based Guernica 37 Chambers will file a complaint with the Met and the Crown Prosecution Service’s ‘Universal Jurisdiction Unit’.British lawyers will on Wednesday officially call on the Metropolitan Police Service to investigate…

Australia: New information unveiled on the deadliest alleged war crimes in Afghanistan

In what is considered the 'deadliest' alleged atrocity involving Australian Special Forces, unarmed civilians were shot in cold blood to cover tracks. Nearly one year ago, ABC Investigations revealed how Australian special forces killed up…