DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Video : US Military Bases Around the World

Video : US Military Bases Around the World

The United States has about 800 military bases outside its borders and it is rarely noticed by policymakers. This permanent military presence abroad has significant costs and disadvantages. There are about 80,000 American troops in Europe and more than 150,000 in Asia, none of which protect their country from direct enemy attacks. It is as if United States plays the role of a global police force, but the question refers to the fact that how successful has it been, and to what extent has world violence been reduced?

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On this day, 2003, Iran's Foreign Minister Kamel Kharazi said the country is ready to allow unrestricted nuclear inspections. Since then, UN inspectors have visited Iran's nuclear program more than a hundred times, and it has been proven to them that this program is peaceful, but the US and European sanctions have increased day by day without any law.

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