DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Transatlantic Student Movement Calls for 'De-Zionizing' Jewish Student Unions

Transatlantic Student Movement Calls for 'De-Zionizing' Jewish Student Unions

The transatlantic student protest movement is gaining momentum, demanding an end to the relationship between many universities and what they term the Zionist entity. This movement underscores the pressing need to 'de-zionize' the Union of Jewish Students (UJS).

Unlike the cautious approaches often taken by senior figures in established anti-war and pro-Palestine groups, these student-led protests are bold and assertive. The campus uprising is not just spreading geographically but is also fostering an extended range of educational opportunities within the student movement. Ideas that were once marginalized are now taking center stage.

De-Zionize the UK Jewish Students Union

This trend is evident both in the US and the UK. The rapid exchange of knowledge, ideas, tactics, and slogans is clearly visible. Slogans like "disclose, divest, we will not stop, we will not rest" resonate from Los Angeles to Edinburgh, New York to London.

More than half of the US states have joined the campus movement, with encampments appearing at five university campuses in New York alone, and protests and encampments across dozens of campuses nationwide. There is a noticeable radicalization occurring that is quickly surpassing the aging leadership of the Solidarity movement.

Support for the ‘right to resist' is becoming commonplace across the country, embodied in chants such as "When people are occupied. Resistance is justified."

A key challenge to the leadership of Stop the War and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign is the increasing use of the term "Zionism." Calls to crush Zionism are being heard nationwide, with chants like "Hey ho, hey ho, Zionism's got to go" and "Say it loud, say it clear. We don't want no Zionists here." Anti-Zionism is sweeping through student politics.

Anti-Zionist Sentiment at Oxford University and Beyond

The Zionist press reported that at a breakout meeting during the National Union of Students (NUS) conference, a motion questioning the legitimacy of the UJS's affiliation with the NUS due to its pro-Israel stance was overwhelmingly supported. Despite this, the NUS leadership issued an apology to the UJS the next day.

Influence of Israeli Lobby in UK Politics

With British politics heavily influenced by the Zionist lobby, concerns are raised about the implications for the democratic process when lawmakers are so closely tied to Israel. At the NUS conference, anti-genocide students argued that peace could only be achieved by dismantling the Israeli regime, which they claim was founded on ethnic cleansing, and labeled Zionism as a racist ideology and colonial project.

It is no longer acceptable for the Union of Jewish Students to decide independently if it supports actions seen as genocidal. If the UJS continues to avoid criticism of the Zionist entity and does not resign from the Zionist movement to represent all Jewish students, it will face calls to be dismantled and replaced by an organization that truly represents all Jews.

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