DECEMBER 9, 2022
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US-Israel Relations Tense as White House Cancels Meeting Over Arms Dispute

US-Israel Relations Tense as White House Cancels Meeting Over Arms Dispute

A recent diplomatic row between the United States and Israel has escalated, leading to the cancellation of a high-level meeting between officials from both countries. The decision came after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the Biden administration for delaying arms shipments crucial for military operations in Gaza.

Netanyahu's public rebuke, conveyed in a video where he expressed frustration over withheld support from the US, reportedly angered the White House. The administration cited Netanyahu's remarks as a reason for canceling the scheduled meeting with Israeli officials who were en route to Washington at the time.

In response to Netanyahu's assertions about delayed weapons and ammunition, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken clarified that while there was a review concerning a specific shipment of bombs, other arms transfers were proceeding as usual. Blinken's statement contradicted Netanyahu's claim that the administration was actively obstructing necessary support.

Amid the tensions, President Biden dispatched envoy Amos Hochstein to convey the administration's displeasure directly to Netanyahu. Hochstein's mission comes amid broader efforts to ease tensions in the Middle East, including concerns over potential Israeli military actions in Lebanon.

Despite the canceled strategic dialogue meeting on Iran, other high-level discussions between US and Israeli officials are set to proceed as planned, underscoring ongoing complexities in the bilateral relationship.

The incident marks a recent low point in US-Israeli relations, where both sides have used diplomatic forums to voice dissatisfaction with each other's policies, reflecting broader disagreements on regional security and international diplomacy.

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