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Lavrov: The “Kurds” Should talk to Damascus, It Is Not Americans Who Determine the Fate of Syria

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced that Moscow's contacts with the Syrian Kurds are aimed at persuading them to launch a serious dialogue with the Damascus government instead of relying on the support of the United States.Lavrov…
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Syria Joins China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Syria is under strong Western sanctions and has been struggling economically. Damascus is eager to rebuild amongst an isolated situation in the West, who had wanted President Bashar Al-Assad removed amongst claims of human rights abuses during…
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China Filling US-Created Vacuum in Middle East

China has been filling the vacuum that the United States is creating in the Middle East, an American newspaper argues, after the government of Bashar al-Assad announced that Syria has joined China’s Belt and Road Initiative. In an article…
Hassakeh Countryside
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U.S. Installs Oil Refinery in Rmelan Fields, Hassakeh Countryside

The U.S. occupation forces and the separatist SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces, editor’s note) militia installed an oil refinery in Rmelan fields in Hassakeh northeastern, in parallel with stealing dozens of tankers laden with oil and transferring…
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100 Hawaii National Guard members deploying to Middle East

The Hawaii Army National Guard announced Thursday that about 100 soldiers from two of its units have been notified by the Department of Defense about an upcoming deployment to the Middle East. The Hawaii National Guard’s news release did…
Hezbollah Leader Accuses Saudi Arabia of Terrorism
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Hezbollah Leader Accuses Saudi Arabia of Terrorism

Hezbollah claims Saudi Arabia provided both ideological and material support to ISIS during the early stages of its war against the Syrian and Iraqi governments. Hassan Nasrallah, a Shi’a cleric who has led the Hezbollah militant group and…
Fires Erupt in Syrias Latakia Port

Fires Erupt in Syria’s Latakia Port Following Israeli Attack- Syrian State Media

Fires erupted in Syria's Latakia Port's container storage area following an Israeli missile attack, Syrian state media reported on Tuesday.The attack, the second in December, damaged facades of a hospital, some residential buildings and shops"The…
Imposes Illegitimate Sanctions
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U.S. Steals Syria’s Resources, Imposes Illegitimate Sanctions: Syrian FM

The United States is stealing natural resources from Syria and imposing illegitimate sanctions, Syria's Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said in an interview aired late on Monday. The U.S. forces, with the help of the Syrian Democratic Forces…
double settlements
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Israel says will ‘double settlements’ in occupied Golan Heights

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has said the country intends to double the number of settlers in the occupied Golan Heights with a multimillion-dollar plan meant to further consolidate Israel’s hold on the territory it captured from…
US Occupation
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Syrian Locals Prevent US Occupation Convoy from Entering Their Village

A US military convoy has been forced to retreat from an area in northeastern corner of Syria after they were prevented from passing through a village near the Al-Hasakah region. Residents of Al-Khuwaylid village located to the northeast of…