Cost of Afghan War for US Soldiers and Veterans

7057 Soldiers killed in post-9/11 Wars30177 Suicides among US service Members & Veterans of post-9/11 Wars
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Israel and State-Sponsored Terrorism

Israel officially has been accused of being a state-sponsor of terrorism and also committing acts of terrorism by countries such as Bolivia, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Palestine and Yemen.Some Cases of Israel State-Sponsored…
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US Taxes for US Wars

Only in 2010, each American taxpayer paid an average of $767 for war in Middle East.
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VIDEO: US Lied to Its Soldiers

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March is the month of mass murder for the US Imperialism

March 24th, 1999: Bombing of Yugoslavia startsMarch 20th, 2003: Invasion of IraqMarch 15th, 2011: War on Syria beginsMarch 19th, 2011: Invasion of LibyaMarch 26th, 2015: Genocide in Yemen is unleashed
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The History of US intervention in Middle East (Part 1)

1979 to 1989: US gave $3 billion to Afghan Jihadist to fight with USSR Many of funded Jihadist joined Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden 1980 to 1988: US gave $1 billion to Saddam to invade Iran They even know that he was using chemical weapon…
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Deaths as a Result of US Led Invasion of Middle East since 2001

240,000 Afghan Deaths80,000 Pakistani Deaths1,000,000 Iraqi Deaths (1 in 30 of total population)More than 7,000 US SoldiersMore than 700 UK Soldiers
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Child Deaths Caused by US Intervention in Middle East Versus Coalition Casualties

50154 children killed in Iraq versus only 4718 coalition soldiers killed in action15750 children killed in Afghanistan versus only 2322 coalition soldiers killed in action