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Book: Israel's Occupation

Book: Israel's Occupation

By Neve Gordon

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Neve Gordon's book "Israel's Occupation," published in 2008, offers a critical analysis of Israel's occupation policies and practices in the Palestinian territories. Gordon, an Israeli academic and political activist, delves deep into the historical, legal, and moral dimensions of the Israeli occupation, challenging the prevailing narratives and policies of the Israeli government.


In "Israel's Occupation," Gordon meticulously examines the complex web of laws, military orders, and practices that sustain Israel's control over the Palestinian territories. He argues that the occupation is not merely a temporary military endeavor but a deeply entrenched system of control designed to maintain Israeli dominance over the Palestinian people and their land.

Key Themes

  1. Legal Framework: Gordon explores the legal mechanisms that Israel has used to legitimize its occupation, including military orders, administrative detention, and the establishment of settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. He highlights how these legal frameworks have been employed to control and suppress Palestinian rights and aspirations.

  2. Human Rights Violations: The book extensively documents human rights abuses committed by the Israeli military and settlers against Palestinians. Gordon sheds light on issues such as house demolitions, land confiscation, restrictions on movement, and the use of excessive force, illustrating the daily hardships faced by Palestinians living under occupation.

  3. Settlement Expansion: One of the central themes of the book is the expansion of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories. Gordon argues that the settlement enterprise serves as a key mechanism for entrenching Israeli control and undermining the prospects for a viable Palestinian state.

  4. Resistance and Nonviolence: Gordon also examines various forms of Palestinian resistance to the occupation, including nonviolent protests and civil disobedience. He discusses the challenges and limitations faced by Palestinian activists and highlights the importance of international solidarity and support for their struggle.

Controversy and Reception

"Israel's Occupation" sparked controversy both within Israel and internationally. While praised by many for its rigorous analysis and courageous critique of Israeli policies, the book also faced criticism from pro-Israel groups and individuals who accused Gordon of being anti-Israel or self-hating.

Despite the controversy, "Israel's Occupation" remains a significant contribution to the discourse on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It challenges readers to confront the realities of occupation and raises important questions about justice, human rights, and the prospects for peace in the region.


Neve Gordon's "Israel's Occupation" is a compelling and insightful examination of Israel's policies and practices in the occupied territories. Through meticulous research and analysis, Gordon offers a critical perspective on the complexities of the occupation, urging readers to reconsider conventional narratives and engage with the pressing issues at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Whether one agrees with Gordon's conclusions or not, his book undeniably serves as a valuable resource for anyone seeking to understand the multifaceted challenges of achieving a just and lasting peace in the Middle East.

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