The Reality Behind Nakbah day

Did you know that these days in 1948, British Empire was busy preparing to give the control of occupied Palestinian lands, not to the real inhabitants of Palestine but to Israeli immigrants.

Palestinian Children in Prison

Over the past two decades, nearly 19.000 Palestinian children cruelly stanched from their families and imprisoned by #Israel.
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US-Supported Saudi War vs. Children

Entisaf Organization for Women’s and Children’s Rights stated that more than 3,000 children in Yemen who are now cancer patients are now at risk of facing death due to US-Supported Saudi war and the blockade on the country.

Video: Tantura Massacre

https://youtube.com/shorts/dt2ewmoPumI?feature=share #Israel film director Alon Schwarz explains why he made a film on Tantura massacre in #Palestine. The Tantura massacre took place on the night of 22–23 May 1948 during the 1948…

Video: Some Israelis Protest Zionist Regime Military Draft Against Palestinians

https://youtu.be/wSydD3ZS4Bw Some Israeli citizens are resisting a military draft because of Israel's abuse of the Palestinians. This is while Israel continues its crimes in the occupied territories.
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Israel past 2 weeks in a Nutshell

Killed a top Palestinian journalistKilled a Palestinian boyBombed Syria's International airport, killing 3 peopleSuspected Assassination of an Iranian colonel in TehranPlaying the victim
Occupied Palestine

Journalism and Death in Occupied Palestine: Perhaps the Most Dangerous Job in the World

The Palestinian Ministry of Information has monitored 60 violations committed by Israeli authorities against journalists in Palestine and their media institutions during February. Israeli army has targeted 41 journalists, including five female…