Afghanistan withdrawal’s massive failure
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Grindle: Evidence Mounts of Afghanistan Withdrawal’s Massive Failure

By : Doug Grindle , Boston Herland Four months after the withdrawal from Afghanistan, there are no longer any illusions about what a failure the policy has been. The effort to retrieve people was shoddy enough, with people left stranded…
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Afghanistan: a catastrophe of the West’s making

By : TIM BLACK COLUMNIST , spikedIt is now just over 100 days since the US-led occupation of Afghanistan ended. Just over 100 days, that is, since the Taliban resumed control after a 20-year-long war of attrition. And now the consequences…
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America Repeated Vietnam’s Mistakes in Afghanistan

By : Arnold L. Punaro , WSJ Defense Department leaders have assured Congress and the American people that the military would study the war in Afghanistan to learn lessons from America’s 20-year involvement and painful exit. This will…
war in Afghanistan
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Our Military didn’t Lose the War in Afghanistan, Our Politicians did

by : Michael Judge , The Dallas Morning News A conversation with author and military historian Bing West on America’s ‘mismanaged’ war in Afghanistan and what we owe our fighting men and women. As luck would have it, it was Veterans…
committed in Afghanistan

Australia must make amends for the crimes committed in Afghanistan

By : Fiona Nelson , Sydney Morning HeraldIt is just on 12 months since the Chief of the Australian Defence Force announced the findings of the four-year Afghanistan Inquiry.The tone of that day was serious, solemn, repentant. In front of a…
radicalise Afghanistan than Osama bin Laden
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The US did more to radicalise Afghanistan than Osama bin Laden

by : Amra Sabic-El-Rayess , ALJAZEERA Today Afghanistan is number one on the Global Terrorism Index, and we helped them get there. One recurring theme in the media coverage of the US pullout from Afghanistan is that after 20 years,…
Afghanistan And USA
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Outside Looking in: After Afghanistan, U.S. Scrambles for Bases in Central Asia

By Ben Wolfgang , The Washington Times President Biden is racing to find partners in Central Asia willing to host U.S. troops, equipment and intelligence assets that the Pentagon says are vital to keep al Qaeda, ISIS and other extremist…
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War is Over — Again

by : Staff , LIBERTARIAN The United States’ war in Afghanistan is over. While there is much to say and much more that can never be put into words, let us be clear on this point: The Libertarian Party supports the full removal of US troops…
Behind the secret making of a narco-state US operates in Afghanistan
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Behind the secret making of a narco-state US operates in Afghanistan

By Xin Ping, Global Times The Western media have devoted their front page to the “dire humanitarian situation” in Afghanistan. With words like “crisis,” “desperation” and “starvation” making headlines, the Afghans have finally…
afghanistan and usa
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Will The Disastrous Withdrawal From Afghanistan Also Happen In Iraq?

By: Dr. Ewelina U. Ochab , forbes Over the last few months, the world has been watching the disastrous US withdrawal from Afghanistan and what followed in the aftermath - the violent takeover by the Taliban and a massive U-turn on human rights…