Five UAE military planes land in Israel over two weeks
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Five UAE military planes land in Israel over two weeks land in Israel over two weeks: report

Five Emirati air force planes have landed in Israel in the space of just two weeks, Israeli media reported on Thursday, as the UAE looks to enhance its defences against the Houthi in Yemen. An Emirati air force cargo plane landed at…
Afghan-American Groups Challenge
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Afghan-American Groups Challenge Illegal Seizure of Billions by US

Condemning the Biden administration's seizure of U.S.-held Afghanistan Central Bank funds as "a deep and grave injustice" that will worsen the humanitarian crisis already being suffered by millions of Afghans, several civil society groups have…
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Yemen’s Ansarullah Offer to Release 200 Prisoners before Muslim’s Eid Al-Fitr

Yemen's Ansarullah Movement made a new offer to the United Nations that includes the release of 200 prisoners from each of the warring parties in Yemen before Muslim's Eid al-Fitr, Al-Masirah TV said on Sunday, citing the head of the Ansarullah…
Emirates want
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UAE official: Emirates want to resolve differences with Iran

Anwar Qarash noted that the UAE continues efforts to settle its disputes with the Islamic Republic of Iran through diplomatic and political efforts. He added that the UAE wants relations with Iran, Turkey and all Arab countries and it is…
Jets Arrive In UAE

US F-22 Fighter Jets Arrive In UAE

US F-22 fighter jets arrived in the United Arab Emirates on Saturday, a part of an American military help to UAE admit war of Yemen. The Raptors landed at Al-Dhafra Air Base in Abu Dhabi, which hosts some 2,000 US troops. American soldiers…
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Yemen civilian deaths double since UN monitors removed: NGO

Civilian deaths and injuries in Yemen’s war have almost doubled since UN human rights monitors were controversially removed in October, a non-governmental organisation has said. The ejection of monitors had opened the door to “unchecked,…
Ansarullah of Yemen
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Top US general in UAE: Ansarullah of Yemen ops on top of discussions

The head of the United States Central Command in West Asia, Marine General Frank McKenzie, arrived in the United Arab Emirates after a string of Yemeni counterstrikes that caught Abu Dhabi off-guard. McKenzie traveled to the Emirates on Sunday…
Jordan, Saudi Arabia and UAE set to receive advanced US weapons
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Jordan, Saudi Arabia and UAE set to receive advanced US weapons

The US State Department has approved sales of advanced weapons to the Middle East, with Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the UAE set to benefit. By placing Jordan and the UAE, which has been hit by Houthi rockets, in the same package as Saudi Arabia,…
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Israel’s Participation in Planned US-Led Naval Drills in Red Sea Dangerous: Yemen

Yemen’s foreign minister sounded the alarm about the danger of participation of Israel in massive US-led naval drills to be held in the Red Sea next week.Hisham Sharaf Abdullah on Wednesday said the upcoming military activities are of suspicious…
UAE is a frontal position for Israel

Israeli media: The UAE is a frontal position for “Israel” in the Gulf region

The Israeli media reveals that the deployment of air defense systems in the Emirates "will be the cornerstone of a regional air defense system in the Gulf," and will give advance warning to "Israel." Israeli media said that the UAE is an outpost…