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China’s foreign minister to hold talks with the Taliban

China’s foreign minister will meet officials from the Taliban at the weekend as Beijing explores boosting investment in Afghanistan, including bringing the crisis-hit country into its Belt and Road infrastructure project. Qin Gang will hold…
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Israel’s military deliberately brings Palestinian conflict to boiling point

The provocative and criminal actions of the security forces are bringing the Israeli/Palestinian conflict to fever pitch, with analysts predicting a new Palestinian intifada, or uprising. In the last days, security forces have killed at…

The Reality Behind Nakbah day

Did you know that these days in 1948, British Empire was busy preparing to give the control of occupied Palestinian lands, not to the real inhabitants of Palestine but to Israeli immigrants.
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Diplomat says U.S. sanctions harming Iran’s environment

The permanent representative of Iran to the UN denounced on Thursday the unilateral sanctions imposed by the U.S. on Tehran and demanded an end to any restrictions that harm Iran’s environment, healthcare system, and people’s quality of…
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Iraqi resistance group threatens NATO for using national territory

The armed group issued a strong warning to the Atlantic Alliance, which has forces stationed in Iraq for so-called training activities, and warned that it “will cut off the hands of NATO” if it does not stop its actions.” In a statement…
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‘Respecting Syrian sovereignty paves way for stability’: Iraq

he spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ahmad al-Sahhaf, said on 5 May that solidarity with the people of Syria, as well as respect for the country’s sovereignty, will pave the way for stability in the region. “Iraq will…