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Ansarallah warns of ‘zionist-western conspiracy’ to destroy Yemen unity

The head of the Ansarallah-formed government of Yemen, Abdulaziz bin Habtoor, told Al-Mayadeen on 22 May that “there are many conspiracies in secret and in public targeting Yemeni unity. This is a Zionist-American-western project…

Reports: Israel Closing in on Arrow 3 Missile Sale to Germany

An agreement relating to Israel’s sale of its Arrow-3 missile defense system to Germany will likely be signed within a few months, the head of the project’s main contractor said on Monday. “We are moving ahead nicely toward a contract…
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US seeking building base in Iraq’s oil-rich region: Source

An Iraqi security source revealed that the US forces are widely monitoring one of the western regions of Anbar to build their second base in the province. The US actions are aimed at constructing the second military base in Anbar province…

Iranian President visits Indonesia to deepen economic ties amid global geopolitical challenges

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi will meet his Indonesian counterpart Joko Widodo on Tuesday during a two-day trip aiming to strengthen economic ties between the Muslim-majority nations amid heightened global geopolitical tensions. Indonesia’s…
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State Department grants access to Biden Afghanistan documents after GOP threatens contempt charge

House Republicans will be able to view documents this week relating to President Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal after months of stonewalling by the State Department. House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. Michael McCaul,…
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Death of US Imperialism

U.S. imperialism is declining because the parasitic system of capitalism upon which U.S. imperialism is built on, is running out of recourses and nations to consume