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Video: Is Rivalry With China The Reason For The US Withdrawal From Afghanistan? After 20 years of occupation in Afghanistan, the United States withdrew all its forces and handed over Afghanistan to the Taliban, despite an offensive military operation against the group. Now…
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US Military Equipment Left Behind In Afghanistan Will Now Benefit Russia, China: Trump

Former US President Donald Trump has said US military equipment left behind in Afghanistan was not disabled and will now benefit other powers, including Russia and China. "Russia and China already have samples of our great helicopters. We have…
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How Bidenism Poses a Threat to Iraq and Beyond

by : Raghida Dergham , The National News In his speech earlier in the week, US President Joe Biden essentially declared that under his watch America will only be reactive to provocations and won’t take the initiative to lead. Mr Biden’s…
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Russia Calls On US to ‘Be More Active’ to Revive Iran Nuclear Deal

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called Saturday on the United States to take a more active approach to help resume stalled talks aimed to revive the Iran nuclear deal. "It seems evident they should be more active" in "resolving all issues…
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US Human Rights Violations in Afghanistan Leave ‘Darkest Page’: Diplomat

Chinese and foreign experts and diplomats criticized the US for severely violating human rights in Afghanistan, including killing thousands of Afghan civilians, causing a flood of refugees and leaving messy situations for regional countries…
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Iran Ambassador to Iraq Claims Saudi Talks Moving Forward

Iran’s ambassador to Iraq hailed an advancement in the negotiations with Saudi Arabia, unveiling plans for the fourth round of talks in Baghdad. In an interview with Iraqi News Agency, Iraj Masjedi said Iran and Saudi Arabia are willing to…

World Powers to Meet With Iran at U.N. To Push For Return to Nuclear Talks -France

Ministers from Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia will meet with Iran at the United Nations later this week to try to give fresh momentum to stalled talks over reviving a 2015 nuclear deal, France's foreign minister said on Monday.…
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Jim Gilmore: Biden’s Afghanistan Debacle Increases Risk of ‘Hot War’ with Russia, China

President Joe Biden has tried to put the American involvement in Afghanistan behind us. He is determined to withdraw us from "endless wars." But the truth is that war against those who use violence and terror to achieve their ends will never…
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China’s Xi urges Afghanistan to stamp out terrorism, vows more aid

China's President Xi Jinping urged "relevant parties" in Afghanistan to eradicate terrorism and promised to provide more help to the war-torn nation, state news agency Xinhua said on Friday.China shares a land border with Afghanistan, where…
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Chinese envoy urges countries to continue to support Iraq’s political process

Chinese envoy on Wednesday urged the international community to continue to support Iraq's political process and assist Iraq in combating terrorism and COVID-19. As the upcoming elections in October are a top priority on Iraq's current political…