committed in Afghanistan

Australia must make amends for the crimes committed in Afghanistan

By : Fiona Nelson , Sydney Morning HeraldIt is just on 12 months since the Chief of the Australian Defence Force announced the findings of the four-year Afghanistan Inquiry.The tone of that day was serious, solemn, repentant. In front of a…
US Complicit In Saudi Crimes
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US Complicit In Saudi Crimes against Yemeni People: Senior Ansarullah Official

A senior member of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council says the United States spearheads the devastating Saudi-led military aggression and brutal siege against his country, stating that Washington is complicit in the crimes that the Riyadh…
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US Combat Troops No Longer Needed to Fight ISIS in Iraq, Prime Minister Says

Iraq’s prime minister says his country no longer requires American combat troops to fight the Islamic State group, but a formal time frame for their redeployment will depend on the outcome of talks with U.S. officials this week. Mustafa al-Kadhimi…

Iraq: ICC Urged to Reopen Case on UK War Crimes

A European human rights organization has called on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to reopen its investigation into war crimes committed by the UK in Iraq. The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) submitted a request…

Israeli writers and academics warn ICC not to trust Israel to investigate its war crimes

A group of more than 180 Israeli intellectuals, writers and academics have called on the International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor not to accept Israel's own findings into alleged war crimes. In a letter addressed to Fatou Bensouda, the…

Afghanistan: Targeted Killings of Civilians Escalate

(New York) – Insurgent groups in Afghanistan have escalated their targeted killings of women and religious minorities, Human Rights Watch said today. Recent attacks have killed at least five women, mostly journalists and media workers, and…

U.S. ‘Firmly Opposed’ to ICC War Crimes Probe That ‘Targets Israel Unfairly’

WASHINGTON – The United States is "firmly opposed" and "disappointed" by the International Criminal Court prosecutor's decision to open a formal investigation into war crimes in the Palestinian Territories, which will examine both sides in…

Former war crimes prosecutor urges federal investigator to pursue Army’s ‘chain of command’ over Afghanistan allegations

A former New South Wales magistrate who once served as a war crimes prosecutor at The Hague says those higher up the Army's "chain of command" must be investigated over alleged unlawful killings in Afghanistan. source : ABC NEWS

Relative of Blackwater Victim in Iraq Says Pardons ‘Unfair’c

BAGHDAD — Faris Fadel had just one word to describe the recent pardoning by the Trump administration of four private security contractors convicted of killing Iraqi civilians — including his brother — in a public square 13 years ago:…

Iraq Court to Issue Decision against Culprits Involved in Suleimani-Muhandis Assassination Crime

The Supreme Judicial Council in Iraq confirmed on Monday that the investigations into the crime of assassinating the Deputy Chief of the Popular Mobilization Forces Committee, Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, the IRGC’s Quds Force Commander General…