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Pompeo says Afghanistan ‘debacle’ could lead to new 9/11-type attack on US

Ex-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Sunday that America is more likely to face another 9/11-type attack thanks to President Biden’s disastrous exit from Afghanistan last year.Pompeo, who served under former President Donald Trump, blasted…
Iran’s offer to resume nuclear deal
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Biden administration responds to Iran’s offer to resume nuclear deal

The Biden administration on Wednesday responded to Iran’s latest offer to resume its compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal, but neither side is offering a definitive path to revive the agreement, which has been on life-support since former…
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US Considering Travel Ban Status of Islamic Emirate Officials

The US is considering whether to extend a Trump-era waiver that would allow certain Islamic Emirate officials to continue to travel abroad, Foreign Policy reported. According to the Doha agreement signed between the US and the Islamic Emirate’s…
BLM Protesters

A Former Trump Advisor, Running For Congress Bragged About Supplying Police with Tear Gas and Riot-Control Gear to Use against BLM Protesters

In a campaign ad posted to Twitter, Mills boasted about supplying law enforcement agencies with tear gas.The tear gas had been deployed against Black Lives Matter protesters, as well as other groups nationwide. An ex-advisor to former President…
Soleimani Killing
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Iran: Biden White House Also ‘Responsible’ For Soleimani Killing

Iran said Friday the current US administration is also "responsible" for the assassination two years ago of its revered commander Qassem Soleimani, as the country started commemorations to mark his death.Former US president Donald Trump sent…
US Support For Iraq
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US Support For Iraq Remains Strong: Official

The former US ambassador to Iraq reaffirmed America’s support to the country in an interview with Rudaw on Monday. “I think support for Iraq is one that you can be absolutely certain will remain strong,” James Franklin Jeffrey told Rudaw’s…
us military
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US Military Equipment Left Behind In Afghanistan Will Now Benefit Russia, China: Trump

Former US President Donald Trump has said US military equipment left behind in Afghanistan was not disabled and will now benefit other powers, including Russia and China. "Russia and China already have samples of our great helicopters. We have…
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Biden Defends Afghanistan Withdrawal on 9/11 Anniversary: ‘How Else Could You Get Out?’

President Biden on Saturday again defended the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, arguing that the vast majority of Americans wanted to get out -- and asking "How else could you get out?" Biden was speaking to reporters in Shanksville, Pa.,…

UK PM refused Trump call to join Iraq airstrikes: Ex-adviser

The UK’s prime minister refused former US President Donald Trump’s appeal to participate in airstrikes against Iranian proxies in Iraq last year, a former adviser to Boris Johnson has said. Dominic Cummings, Johnson’s former chief aide,…

Reinstate travel ban to keep U.S. safe from “radical Islamic terrorism,” Trump urges Biden

Former U.S. President Donald Trump had imposed a ban on travel from several Muslim countries including Iran, Iraq and Libya. Former U.S. President Donald Trump has urged his successor Joe Biden to reinstate the travel ban on certain Muslim…