DECEMBER 9, 2022
Yemen Multimedia

War against Yemeni Civilians

War against Yemeni Civilians

  1. 6,872 Yemeni civilians killed and 10,768 wounded by Saudi Arabia-led coalition airstrikes
  2. 90 unlawful coalition airstrikes hitting homes, markets, hospitals, schools, and mosques amount to war crimes.
  3. 12 million children in danger of war, disease and hunger
  4. 325,000 children malnourished severely and 2 million moderately
  5. every 10 minutes, an under 5 child dying
  6. 1,400 children killed and over 2,140 injured

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On this day, 1991, coalition aircraft led by #USA bombed retreating #Iraq forces during the Gulf War, killing hundreds and creating what became known as the "Highway of Death."

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