DECEMBER 9, 2022
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The History of US intervention in Middle East (Part 1)

The History of US intervention in Middle East (Part 1)

1979 to 1989: US gave $3 billion to Afghan Jihadist to fight with USSR

Many of funded Jihadist joined Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden

1980 to 1988: US gave $1 billion to Saddam to invade Iran

They even know that he was using chemical weapon against civilians

1990 to 2003: US made UN block trade to Iraq

More than 576.000 Iraqi Children died due to lack of essential supplies

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On This Day

On this day, 2003, Iran's Foreign Minister Kamel Kharazi said the country is ready to allow unrestricted nuclear inspections. Since then, UN inspectors have visited Iran's nuclear program more than a hundred times, and it has been proven to them that this program is peaceful, but the US and European sanctions have increased day by day without any law.

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