DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Book of Week: America's War For The Greater Middle East: A Military History

Book of Week: America's War For The Greater Middle East: A Military History

by : Andrew J. Bacevich

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Andrew J. Bacevich has authored a series of books on US imperialism and military power. His latest work, America's War For The Greater Middle East: A Military History, is the latest in a series that, like his previous works, clearly presents US hegemony in a logical way. Compared to his previous work, this book covers the military aspects of US military efforts in the Middle East. In general, Andrew J. Bacevich is so successful in writing this book that it is very useful for anyone interested in the field, so that it can make a good connection between the events described in the book.
In the present book, the following issues are included in the book sections:

  1. The reasons and questions of the American people about the Vietnam War and whether there was a way to victory or not, comparing it with the US presence in the Middle East to destroy ISIS
  2. Was the war in Islamic lands wise at all?
  3. Could America have won this war? If not, why is US there? Was there any other solution in this regard?
  4. Why the United States is engaged in a never-ending war in Muslim lands, especially in the Persian Gulf and the Middle East.
  5. The country with the most powerful army in the world has abused this power.
  6. The American leaders have worsened the situation through a series of baseless, arrogant, and naive actions.
  7. They have also brought a lot of cost to the country, which has caused them to impose much heavier costs on others.
  8. America's main goal in the war in the Middle East has been ambitious.
  9. The reasons that made this war eternal are:
    a. There is no regular anti-war or anti-military intervention party in the United States
    b. US presidential propaganda
    c. Personal and financial gain of some institutions in launching wars in the form of financial gain, job creation and launching campaigns
    d. American society is a society in which the leaders of power have been able to hide the harms and negative points of the war from the people. America is a country that is always at war, but war is not the main concern of its people.

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