DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Invisible War: The United States and the Iraq Sanctions

Invisible War: The United States and the Iraq Sanctions

By Joy Gordon, Amazon link

Embark on a profound exploration of international governance and ethical dilemmas with Joy Gordon, the Ignacio Ellacuría, S.J. Professor of Social Ethics at Loyola University Chicago. Since joining the Philosophy Department in 2015, Dr. Gordon, with a PhD from Yale University and a JD from Boston University School of Law, brings a wealth of knowledge to her joint appointment with Loyola’s School of Law.

Specializing in social and political philosophy, human rights, international law, and global governance, Dr. Gordon serves on the editorial board of Ethics and International Affairs. Her extensive publications, including the critically acclaimed "Invisible War: The United States and the Iraq Sanctions" (Harvard University Press, 2010), delve into the legal and ethical dimensions of economic sanctions. Now, she takes center stage in a riveting exposé on the economic sanctions imposed on Iraq from 1990 to 2003.

In this thought-provoking work, Dr. Gordon scrutinizes the harsh realities of these sanctions, showcasing the U.S.'s pivotal role in shaping policies that led to the near collapse of Iraq’s infrastructure. With meticulous research drawing from internal UN documents, confidential meeting minutes, and interviews, she unveils how the United States not only obstructed critical humanitarian aid but also manipulated the UN Security Council, overriding inspectors and perpetuating Iraq’s catastrophic condition.

This compelling book, sure to ignite discussions, reveals the unchecked power dynamics within our global institutions and the profound impact they can have on the lives of those affected by international governance. Join Dr. Joy Gordon on a journey that challenges conventional perspectives and prompts a reconsideration of the ethical dimensions of global decision-making. 

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