DECEMBER 9, 2022
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United States of America, Sorry Israel

United States of America, Sorry Israel

Shadows of Unity

Setting: In an alternate reality, the geopolitical landscape has shifted dramatically. Israel, once a small occupier nation in the Middle East, has risen to global prominence and now exercises a significant degree of influence over the United States.

Background: Decades ago, a series of geopolitical events and alliances led to a close partnership between Israel and the United States. Over time, this relationship evolved, culminating in a scenario where Israel's influence became paramount in American politics and decision-making.

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On This Day

On this day, 2003, it was reported that Iraq would began destroying its Al Samoud 2 missiles the next day. U.N. weapons inspectors deemed that the missiles violated U.N. limits on ranges. Inspite of all these action. USA invaded Iraq. 

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