DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Newsweek: The Biden administration does not have a clear policy in Syria

Newsweek: The Biden administration does not have a clear policy in Syria

by: Timothy John Barnard

American newspaper (Newsweek): The Biden administration does not have a clear policy regarding hundreds of Americans who are in Syria A report published by the American newspaper “Newsweek” confirmed that the administration of US President Joe Biden did not specify any political plans for hundreds of American soldiers deployed in Syria, noting that they are in Syria without the approval of the Syrian state. Also, the American newspaper pointed out that the absence of a clear American policy regarding the hundreds of American soldiers present in Syria. Indeed, Newsweek quoted an unnamed National Security Council spokesman as saying, "We do not expect any changes in the near term to the US military presence in eastern Syria," claiming that the primary goal of the US presence in Syria is a ceasefire and the fight against ISIS. . While the US administration was talking about its goals for the US presence in Syria, Newsweek pointed out that “these positions contradict the positions of other powers that are trying to use means to impose their own vision for the settlement of the Syrian crisis, including the vision of Damascus, whose mission to the United Nations said: “The presence of the US army on Syrian territory is an illegal and aggressive act and a violation of international legitimacy resolutions related to the situation in the Syrian Arab Republic.” She added that "the Syrian state did not ask the United States of America to send its forces to Syria under the cover of what falsely call the international coalition against ISIS, and that the United Nations Security Council did not issue any resolution to send international forces to Syria to fight ISIS, and therefore the presence The American military in Syria was and will remain illegal,” according to the American newspaper. In the American newspaper’s talk about the absence of a clear American policy towards American soldiers in Syria, Newsweek pointed out that the absence of this policy coincides with the increase in the Russian and Iranian presence in the country, stressing that Damascus does not stand alone, with Iran and Russia intervening in the war on the side of the state. Last week, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi and Russian President Vladimir Putin called on American forces to leave northeastern Syria, and joined them in tripartite talks in Tehran, an ally of the United States, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Finally, It is noteworthy that the Syrian state and its allies constantly affirm the illegitimacy of the US presence in Syria based on international and international laws and legislation.

Source: damascus-post

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