DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Opinion: US media bombards readers with ‘Iranian drones’ news, keeps silent on US bombs in Palestine and Yemen

Opinion: US media bombards readers with ‘Iranian drones’ news, keeps silent on US bombs in Palestine and Yemen

By: Cradle News Desk

Over the past six months, major US outlets like the New York TimesWall Street Journal, and the Washington Post have published over 200 news pieces about Russia’s alleged use of Iranian drones in Ukraine while almost entirely ignoring the devastation caused by US-made bombs in occupied Palestine and Yemen.

According to research conducted by Responsible Statecraft, between July and January, the three major US publications published 215 pieces mentioning Ukraine and the words “Iranian drones,” “Iranian-made drones,” “drones made in Iran,” or other variations on these phrases, resulting in over one news piece per day.

In comparison, in May of 2021, when Israel carpet bombed the besieged Gaza Strip for 11 days straight, the same three US outlets published only 15 news articles mentioning Israel’s use of US weapons during a one-month period.

Similarly, when the Saudi-led coalition dropped US-made bombs on a prison in Sadaa, Yemen, in January of 2022 – killing dozens of civilians – only two articles were published by the US newspapers that pointed to Washington’s role in the massacre.

The three outlets have also been constantly warning readers to “beware the emerging Tehran/Moscow alliance” while at the same time failing to issue similar warnings about the decades-old Washington/Tel Aviv or Washington/Riyadh alliances.

Washington’s recent obsession with Iranian drones has become the latest example of the inherent bias of western media outlets, which act as government public relations firms more often than not.

Last month, CNN, NBC News, and Reuters were caught falling for this same trap after they published stories about a joint US-Israel military drill that settled for regurgitating a press release issued by the US military without offering any further examination.

This came just two months after Newsweek created a social media storm by spreading fake news that claimed Iran sentenced 15,000 protesters to death.

The bias of western outlets was also made evident in May of last year after the New York Times, the Guardian, and AP were all accused of whitewashing the murder of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Aqla at the hands of an Israeli sniper.

This misinformation campaign is part of a broader attempt from Washington to silence dissenting voices, as was proven in December when an investigation into Twitter’s internal archives showed that the social media giant collaborated with the Pentagon for at least five years to wage a secret “PsyOps campaign” across West Asia to shape the discourse regarding the wars in Yemen and Syria, as well as the continued presence of US occupation troops in the region.

Source: The Cradle

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