DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Opinion: The Decline of U.S. Imperialism

Opinion: The Decline of U.S. Imperialism

By Ali Karbalaei

Tehran Times conducts an interview with Ramiro Sebastian Funez, an anti-imperialist content creator in Los Angeles, to gain further insight on the diminishing U.S. imperialism and hegemony in the globe.

“U.S. imperialism is declining because the parasitic system of capitalism upon which U.S. imperialism is built on, is running out of recourses and nations to consume,” Funez says.

He also says “the de-dollarization” is happening because nations see the effects of U.S. imperialism on their nation.

Here is the text of interview with Ramiro Funez:

Q: Why is U.S. imperialism declining?

U.S. imperialism is declining because the satanic system of neoliberalism, capitalism, usery, debt and the global religion of money is declining because it is a parasitic system that constantly needs a new host in order to continue to grow.

Imperialism and capitalism as economic systems constantly need to expand. They are parasitic that constantly need new flesh, new hosts, bodies to consume and thrive. Just like any other parasite in the natural world. 

Once there are no longer any healthy thriving host to bite into, suck the energy, money and resources out of it, then it begins to die. 

U.S. imperialism is declining because the parasitic system of capitalism upon which U.S. imperialism is built on, is running out of recourses, nations to consume. It is losing power as no people around the world want to do business with the U.S. anymore, the de-dollarization is happening because they see the effects of U.S. imperialism on their nation. So, it is running out of hosts, thus the system, it is rotting from the inside out. This is the reason why U.S. imperialism and hegemony are declining. It is economic but it is also spiritual as well.

Q: What has the U.S. committed to lose it clout across regions in the world?

Nations across the world have recognized what happens when the U.S. invades a country. We've seen throughout history, that whenever the U.S. enters a region, with its vague promises, vague slogans of liberal democracy, freedom and human rights, whatever that means! Those nations end up becoming worse. 

“This is a major threat to Western Atlanticism, which is concerned and worried about any unity between Russia, China and Iran.” After the U.S. enters a region with the promise of freeing the people, bringing them prosperity and democracy, we see that things actually get worse. 

Look after the 2011 murder of Muammer Ghaddafi and the subsequent invasion of Libya. Look at Iraq after 2003, look at Afghanistan and so many nations around the world. Latin American and Caribbean nations, African nations, Asian nations.

Same thing happened in the former Soviet Union by the way with Russia. When the U.S. had its Western backed candidate Yeltsin who ushered in neo-liberal economics into Russia, things got horrible for the Russian people. It wasn't until Vladimir Putin took power and was able to bring order, stability and growth back to Russia and things got better. 

So the U.S. is losing clout across regions across the world because the people of the world are waking up and seeing that it is a horrible empire that actually brings the opposite of what it says it does. The U.S. says it brings democracy it actually brings dictatorship. The U.S. says it brings economic freedom, it actually brings economic stagnation and slavery. The U.S. says it brings human rights, it actually brings human rights violations.

Q: Is new world order moving to the East?

There is currently a shift in a new world order moving to the East, led by the nations of Russia, China and the Islamic Republic of Iran. This is very important because this represents a new world order in which we have nations benefiting the masses of people around the world at the helm of leadership. 

What we're seeing is resemblance of the 5th century. You'll recall that in the 5th century AD, you had the fall of the Roman empire. As the Roman empire was collapsing, it was also in a decadent period. You had people who were gorging themselves with food and vomiting in order for them to have more food. You had the spreading of illicit material, really disgusting sexual images and practices that were being promulgated in the Roman empire. Decadence, vice and an aspect of 'do as that will' satanic ideology was prevalent in ancient Rome at this time. 

“The official religion of the United States empire is not Christianity, it is capitalism and imperialism. And its God is the dollar.”Horrible practices, so it was not only an economic collapse of the Roman empire, it was a spiritual and moral collapse. The Roman people were having less kids. They were becoming more decadent. They were becoming more unpure in their practices.

At the same time, with the rotting and decay of the Roman empire, you had the rise of the East and Islam. In the 600s, you had the rise of the eastern civilizations of China, the original Silk Road. There is a saying that 'history doesn't repeat itself, but history rhythms'. 

And in a way, what we're seeing now is rhythms of the 400's and 500's. We are seeing a cycle being a new cycle, just like in that time period, but on a newer and higher level. 

In this case, the Roman empire is the U.S. empire and European powers, and now the rise of Islamic civilization again led by all the heroic Muslims resisting empire in Iran, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iraq. 

Then you have China and Russia and this is important because all three nations (Iran, Russia, China) are under Eurasian land mass. This is a major threat to Western Atlanticism, which is concerned and worried about any unity between Russia, China and Iran. 

There is also a shift in a new world order moving to the East, because Russia, China and Iran have amazing, tremendous relationships with Africa, Latin America and South Asia which are historically the more underdeveloped regions of the world. Russia, China and Iran have never invaded Africa or Latin America. Their cooperation is based on a win-win cooperation, it is based on friendship, trade as equals and not forcing values, religion or money onto the people. It is brotherly growth and development. This is why the shift is happening to the East.

Q: Have countries in West Asia realized that their security cannot be guaranteed by Washington?

Most definitely. Not only because the U.S. and the West fall back on their promises, or they fail to do so, but because they do the exact opposite. 

Whenever West Asian countries trust the U.S., it actually betrays them and brings violence and chaos. Instead, they're choosing to normalize ties with Iran, Syria and Yemen. Iran is at the forefront of bringing peace and stability in the region. In Syria, the government has resisted so many coup attempts, color revolutions, attacks and wars. It  is still standing strong and defending its people who are people of all religions. The Yemeni people are now stronger than ever. Even in occupied Palestine, heroic people resisting Zionist occupation for decades, since 1948 have gotten much closer to the resistance axis because they have realized the liberation of Palestine will not happen through the U.S. 

Q: How much has the U.S.-led NATO military support for Ukraine backfired? 

It has tremendously backfired. Just here in the United States, people are not wanting to fund a government tens of thousands of miles away in Ukraine, when there are so many problems at home. How can you have trillions of dollars going to the other side of the planet, when there is mass homelessness, unemployment, poverty, infrastructure that is decaying.

There are so many reports out explaining that so much of the infrastructure, bridges tunnels, railroads are collapsing in the United States because they haven't been updated in almost 100 years. Yet you have trillions of dollars going to fight "Russia", so it’s a horrible contradiction. All the U.S. brings and promotes is chaos and nonsense wherever they go. 

The people want order, the people want traditional values, civilization and peace. 

This is why more and more people are beginning to support Russia. What we are seeing now within Europe and the U.S. is rising inflation, strikes, protests. There is growing disdain for funding Ukraine because there are so many problems that already exist within these empires.

Q: How has Washington weaponized the U.S. dollar? 

The official religion of the United States empire is not Christianity, it is capitalism and imperialism. And its God is the dollar. It has the world under a spell. The people who create the U.S. dollar and who run the financial institutions are able to convince the masses that these pieces of paper, these magic money squares, have some sort of value. Intrinsic value. And they do not. They have no value. 

It has manipulated the system with these little pieces of papers that they can print at will, however they like, to convince the masses to buy up all the recourses and build a huge military to control its system. 

The U.S. dollar has been used and weaponized to control all international monetary institutions because countries around the world have been subjected to the dollar. 

As long as countries are forced to adopt the dollar, then they become slaves to U.S. imperialism.

But now thankfully with de-dollarization, you have people who are beginning to see this for what it is, which is a magic trick of spell and they are no longer falling for this and this actually very good news.

Source: Tehran Times

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