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Covert Visits by US Officials to Southern Yemen Allegedly Aimed at Exploiting Resources, Claims Analyst

Covert Visits by US Officials to Southern Yemen Allegedly Aimed at Exploiting Resources, Claims Analyst

An Yemeni analyst claims that American officials are engaging in covert and suspicious visits to southern Yemen with the intention of waging an economic war on the country and exploiting its valuable natural resources. According to Ali Azzehri, a Yemen-based journalist and analyst, the frequency of these visits has surged in recent months.

Azzehri states that these consecutive trips to the occupied regions of southern Yemen are part of a larger aggressive campaign targeting the country, aimed at seizing its riches through the installation of a fabricated regime backed by hostile foreign intelligence agencies. Reports have emerged indicating that American diplomats and military personnel have been making rapid visits to southern Yemen, even as attempts are being made to resolve the ongoing crisis.

The US Ambassador to Yemen, Steven Fagin, has been touring various provinces in southern Yemen recently, including Hadramout, Mukalla, Al Mahrah, and Aden. Simultaneously, US military delegations have been frequently traversing the region, known for its abundant natural resources.

Azzehri asserts that the purpose behind these visits is to further the economic warfare orchestrated by the Saudi-US coalition, intending to exploit Yemen's oil reserves, maintain poverty among the Yemeni populace, and destabilize the region.

In response to queries regarding Yemen's National Salvation government and the population's reaction to these alleged schemes, the analyst suggests that the country will persist in opposing military, economic, and political aggression. Azzehri points to Yemen's Defense Minister, Maj. Gen. Mohammad Nasser Al-Atefi, who has emphasized that Yemen's sovereign decisions are made solely in Sana'a. Any accord reached by the "mercenary regime" in southern Yemen that undermines national sovereignty would be deemed unlawful.

Azzehri adds that Yemen's parliament has cautioned leaders affiliated with Saudi Arabia in southern Yemen against actions that violate the country's sovereignty, Constitution, and core values. He notes that inhabitants of southern Yemen are staunchly against foreign occupation and rally behind the government in Sana'a to counter foreign-backed plots.

Azzehri asserts that the people in the southern and eastern provinces are patriotic and resistant to occupation. This is evident in the resistance demonstrated by the Al Mahrah Governorate residents against foreign presence in the area. He states that there is a grassroots uprising in southern Yemen, with people employing various means to confront adversaries.

The analyst underscores that residents of the occupied provinces have gained insight into the aggressors' intentions to exploit the country's land and resources. These inhabitants talk about the necessity of liberating Yemen and believe that united efforts are required to remove occupiers.

Regarding the involvement of the Israeli regime in Yemen, Azzehri contends that the regime plays a destructive role in the entire region, particularly countries surrounding the Red Sea. In Yemen, he asserts, the Israeli regime is deeply implicated. The aggression against Yemen aligns with the ominous strategies of the Zionist regime through its allies in the region. Azzehri cites reports suggesting direct involvement of the Israeli regime during the military aggression in Yemen.

He goes on to mention that Israeli officials have expressed apprehension about the Yemeni revolution in 2014. Yemen is seen as a crucial component of the resistance front due to its strategic geographic position, substantial human resources, courageous leaders, and significant battle experience. Consequently, the involvement of the Zionist regime in Yemen's affairs is evident, but Azzehri concludes by stating that their attempts to subjugate Yemen are destined to fail.

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