DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Iran insists on the deadline for Iraq to disarm Kurdish separatists without an extension

Iran insists on the deadline for Iraq to disarm Kurdish separatists without an extension

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Nasser Kanaani, has confirmed that the ultimatum given to Iraq for disarming Kurdish separatist groups will not be extended. The deadline set for Iraq to disarm these separatist groups in Northeastern Iraq is still September 19, as reiterated by General Abbas Nilforoushan, Deputy Chief of Operations in the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC).

Kanaani emphasized that Iran's position on this matter is unequivocal, underlining that Iran had previously reached an agreement with the Iraqi government and the leaders of the Iraqi Kurdistan region to facilitate the disarmament of terrorists. This process must be completed by the specified deadline of September 19, and the Iraqi government has affirmed its commitment to fulfilling its promises in this regard.

Regarding Iran's relations with Russia, Kanaani mentioned that these ties are expanding, and both nations are actively engaged in talks to develop a comprehensive document that will serve as a roadmap for enhancing their bilateral relations. They have exchanged a draft agreement, which is currently undergoing review by their respective working groups before it can be finalized and signed.

Despite Western sanctions imposed on both countries, Russia and Iran have deepened their military and economic cooperation over recent years.

On the topic of the situation along the Armenian and Azerbaijani border, Kanaani stated that Iran is in communication with officials from both countries, contributing to efforts aimed at reducing tensions. He emphasized the importance of respecting the territorial integrity of all nations.

Regarding war games between Armenia and the US, Kanaani expressed concerns, suggesting that US troops may not be seeking "stability and security" but could potentially be a source of instability wherever they are deployed.

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