DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Iraq and Saudi Arabia Explore Strategic Investment Partnerships

Iraq and Saudi Arabia Explore Strategic Investment Partnerships

Haider Makiya, the Chairman of Iraq's National Investment Commission (NIC), convened a meeting with Saudi Ambassador to Iraq, Abdulaziz bin Khalid Al-Shammari, to explore strategic partnerships. The discussion involved a delegation from the Saudi Shura Council and members of the Saudi-Iraqi Parliamentary Friendship Committee, as stated by the NIC.

Makiya emphasized the significance of fostering investments and forging strategic alliances to sustain economic growth, both in domestic and international markets. These partnerships encompass various sectors, including industry, agriculture, energy, and tourism.

Furthermore, Makiya outlined the NIC's ambition to transform Iraq's investment sector into a source of revenue, thereby enhancing the Iraqi government's financial capabilities. He highlighted Iraq's abundance of diverse investment opportunities, which are attractive to both local and foreign investors.

The NIC Chairman expressed eagerness to establish robust economic ties with the Saudi Ministry of Investment and collaborate with Saudi companies to execute crucial projects throughout Iraq.

Ambassador Al-Shammari echoed Makiya's sentiments, expressing his desire for joint meetings and partnerships between the two nations, guided by meticulous feasibility studies. This dialogue reflects a commitment to strengthening economic relations and fostering investment opportunities between Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

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