DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Iran's President Raisi Expresses Opposition to Conflict in Ukraine and Offers Mediation

Iran's President Raisi Expresses Opposition to Conflict in Ukraine and Offers Mediation

During an event at a Manhattan hotel as part of the United Nations General Assembly high week kickoff, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi spoke to media executives and surprised attendees by permitting quotes of his remarks, contrary to the event's invitation terms.

Raisi aimed to clarify and respond to longstanding questions, expressing his desire for his answers to reach broader audiences and colleagues. Among the topics discussed, Raisi addressed Iran's stance on the ongoing Ukraine conflict, where the country has faced allegations of supplying Russia with "suicide drones."

He asserted that Iran's relationship with Russia encompassed various dimensions predating the Ukraine war, emphasizing the lack of evidence supporting allegations of drone supplies to Russia during the conflict.

Raisi declared Iran's opposition to the war in Ukraine and offered mediation services to facilitate a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine. He questioned the United States' role, criticizing its military aid support for Kyiv and suggesting a more proactive peace-promoting approach.

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