DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Iraq's Foreign Minister Announces Kurdish Armed Groups Surrender Heavy Weapons, Prepare for Relocation to Camps

Iraq's Foreign Minister Announces Kurdish Armed Groups Surrender Heavy Weapons, Prepare for Relocation to Camps

In accordance with a security deal between Tehran and Baghdad, Kurdish armed groups stationed along the border with Iran have complied with the disarmament and relocation requirements by handing over their heavy weaponry, announced Iraq's Foreign Minister, Fuad Hussein, on Monday.

Hussein disclosed that these armed groups and their families are slated to be relocated to five specially designated camps situated in Iraq's Kurdistan region. He reiterated Iraq's unwavering commitment to the security agreement with Iran and highlighted that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has taken the necessary steps in alignment with Baghdad's pact with Tehran.

Emphasizing Iraq's dedication to peaceful diplomatic resolutions and its respect for neighboring nations, Hussein underscored Baghdad's firm stance against any actions that could infringe upon its national sovereignty.

This development harks back to March when Iran and Iraq entered into a security agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, the Iraqi government pledged to disarm terrorist and separatist groups operating within the Kurdistan region by September 19, evacuate their military installations, and transfer them to camps established by the Baghdad government.

Iran's Defense Minister, Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani, issued a stern warning on Sunday, stating that Tehran would not extend the ultimatum granted to Iraq concerning the disarmament of Kurdish separatist groups along the Iran-Iraq border. He cautioned Baghdad to heed this "eleventh-hour decision" seriously.

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