DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Iran and Iraq to Send Joint Delegation to Visit Kurdistan Region: Ambassador Announces

Iran and Iraq to Send Joint Delegation to Visit Kurdistan Region: Ambassador Announces

Iran's Ambassador to Baghdad, Mohammad Kazem Al-e Sadeq, has announced that Iran and Iraq are planning to dispatch a joint team to the Iraqi Kurdistan region. Their mission will be to assess the progress and execution of a security agreement between the two countries, which includes the removal of armed separatist groups from the northwestern borders with Iran.

In an interview with Al-Alam TV, Ambassador Al-e Sadeq highlighted the determination of both the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the federal government in Baghdad to expel terrorist separatist groups from areas near the Iranian border and relocate them to refugee camps.

The diplomat emphasized that Iran remains committed to taking measures to disarm terrorist groups situated in the Kurdistan region, in accordance with the security agreement reached in March.

Iran had set September 19 as the deadline for disarming separatists and expelling Kurdish groups from Iraq. As the deadline approached, several Iranian officials made it clear that it would not be extended, suggesting that military action might follow if Iran's demands were not met.

Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiyani, Iran's Minister of Defense, issued a similar warning, stressing that the Islamic Republic would take necessary actions as per the agreement with the Iraqi government to disarm and deport terrorists from the Kurdistan region.

Nasser Kanaani, the spokesperson for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, confirmed a partial implementation of the security agreement, stating that some headquarters of terrorist and armed groups had been evacuated, and terrorists had been relocated deeper into Iraqi territory, away from Iran's borders.

Iraq officially announced the full evacuation of separatist group headquarters on Tuesday, in line with its commitment to the joint security agreement with Iran. Iraq's Foreign Minister, Fuad Hussein, also confirmed the transfer of heavy equipment by Kurdish militant groups near the border with Iran and their relocation to camps in Iraq's Kurdistan region. He reiterated Iraq's commitment to peaceful solutions, dialogue, and respect for its neighbors while condemning any acts of violence against its national sovereignty.

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