DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Iran Grants Iraq a Limited Window to Complete Terrorist Disarmament Deal: Top Commander's Ultimatum

Iran Grants Iraq a Limited Window to Complete Terrorist Disarmament Deal: Top Commander's Ultimatum
Iran has extended the deadline for Iraq to fully implement a March agreement aimed at relocating and disarming anti-Iran groups operating within Iraq's Kurdistan region. Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri, the Chief of General Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces, announced that the original deadline for disarmament set in the March agreement was September 19, which has not been met. General Baqeri expressed gratitude to the Iraqi government for its efforts in disarming these separatist groups. He noted that during the six-month grace period, these groups had only moved slightly away from Iran's borders. Speaking on the sidelines of a military parade marking the start of the National Holy Defense Week, General Baqeri mentioned that the Iranian President had given these groups a few more days to comply. Iran plans to send observer teams to the region to assess whether disarmament has been completed. Following the evaluation, a decision will be made regarding further actions. General Baqeri stressed that all terrorist groups in the region must be disarmed and relocated. He reiterated the President's stance that separatist terrorists should not be present in the Kurdistan region or anywhere else in Iraq, and they should be expelled from the country. Recent reports from Iraqi officials indicate that government forces have gained full control over all border points with Iran, and terrorists have been evacuated from border regions. Iraq's defense minister, Thabet Muhammad Saeed al-Abbasi, stated that Kurdish groups operating against Iran are now limited to five camps inside Iraq. Iraqi authorities have consistently emphasized their commitment to the security agreement with Iran. The presence of Kurdish terrorist groups, including the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Komala, Kurdistan Free Life Party, and the Kurdistan Freedom Party, has been a longstanding source of tension between Iran and Iraq. These groups have been responsible for numerous terrorist attacks on Iranian soil over the years. After last year's riots, sparked by the death of Iranian woman Mahsa Amini, these groups escalated their subversive activities against Iran and smuggled weapons to their local agents. This prompted Iran to urge Iraq to put an end to the terrorist activities of these anti-Iran groups, eventually leading to the March agreement.

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