DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Forgets Trump's Deal with Taliban, Claims Otherwise in Bizarre Amendment Proposal

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Forgets Trump's Deal with Taliban, Claims Otherwise in Bizarre Amendment Proposal

In a recent turn of events, Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene seems to have abandoned any recent attempts at gaining respectability. While introducing an amendment aimed at reducing Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin's salary to $1 as a rebuke for perceived "wokeness," Greene made a startling claim that reflects the ongoing efforts within the Republican party to rewrite recent history.

During the amendment proposal, Greene asserted, "And President Trump would have never left the Afghan people in complete ruin and being controlled by a terrorist government, the Taliban." This statement is in stark contrast to the well-documented reality of Donald Trump's dealings with the Taliban during his term in office.

Acyn, in a revealing clip, captured Greene's inaccurate assertion. It is a clear attempt to revise the narrative, portraying Trump as a leader who would not abandon the Afghan people to a terrorist-controlled government. However, historical records indicate that Trump, in fact, pursued a plan to negotiate the final terms of America's withdrawal from Afghanistan with the Taliban.

For those skeptical of Greene's narrative, it's essential to recall that Trump's administration openly discussed and even celebrated the negotiation with the Taliban. The plan involved inviting the Taliban to Camp David, a move that garnered significant criticism for treating a terrorist group as if they were visiting heads of state. Notably, Trump's approach sparked internal divisions among his advisers, and the existing government of Afghanistan expressed fury over negotiations occurring without their consent or involvement.

Greene's revisionist claim adds a new layer to the ongoing debates surrounding historical accuracy and political posturing within the Republican party.

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